Monday, January 7, 2013

The Terror of the Blank Page...

So a few days ago, I sent the final version of Riddle in Stone: Book One to the publishers.  They’re working on it, getting it ready for publication next month. 

Riddle in Stone: Book Two is more or less finished.  That is, I have the entire manuscript written, but I’ll probably need to edit it a couple more times before it’s released in August, 2013.  I should be working on it…but after spending the past couple months editing, and re-editing, Book One...I’m really tired of looking at words.  I want to get back to the big picture! I want to get back to CREATING!!

There’s just something about writing a really good scene or creating a character who surprises you.  It feels wonderful!  Absolutely, wonderful!


So, rather than working on editing the second book, wrestling with each word and punctuation mark, I decided that I’d start working on Riddle in Stone: Book Three, the final book in the series. 

Excited about revisiting my characters and seeing how things were developing in their world, I got a hot cup of tea (Tea of Inquiry, if you want to know), opened a brand new word file, typed “RIDDLE IN STONE: BOOK THREE by Robert Evert,” and…


And that’s all I have so far.


Good start…but it needs a little something.  What is it?  Hmmm? Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe… I don't know.... sentences?

I want to blame part of my failure to write on the football games going on.  I’m rooting for Green Bay and Indy.  And how my boys want to play.

But, to be honest, I’ve always been terrified of the blank page.  It sits there, all white and clean…mocking me.


Curse you blank page! Sitting there so smugly on my computer screen…taunting me….


Even as I sit here and stare at the nearly blank page, I wonder—How the hell did I do this before?  Not just once, but twice!  How the hell did I get pass this horrible monster?

I suppose the first thing I need to do is blog less.  And play less online.  After all, I should be focusing on finishing the series!  I should  just buckle down!  Put my nose to the grindstone!  Hitch up my belt and start kicking ass!


Maybe I should play another game of solitaire.  THEN!  THEN I’ll start writing!!!


  1. Congrats on sending off that book! Now, here's a kick in the pants to help you write #3!


    Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks!!! :)

    I've actually started. No huge strides, but baby steps...always baby steps.

    Next time I blog, I'll explain how I got going. I think I stumbled onto something:)

  3. Oh my God, that's what editing for so long does sometimes to a writer! Seriously. It'll come back though, eventually . . . at least we hope, right?

    1. So I'm not the only one????

      Thanks Kimberly!

      Actually, things are starting to flow... like eating a lot of fiber!!! I suppose it just takes time.

      But I think you're right...I spent too much time editing the first book. I probably should have been writing a little bit during those months. It wouldn't be so difficult now!

      How are you doing, by the by?

  4. I'm afraid to not be busy when I should be writing because of the dreaded blank page.

    But for help, try thinking of your characters locked in a dungeon and you're the only one that can get them out. That's what I do to my characters, realize I'm holding them hostage.

    1. Vy!! You're from Northern Illinois University, right? I used to teach there. Terrific school. I love DeKalb.

      Speaking of locking my characters in a dungeon, I did something similar that seemed to help. See my next post!

      Hope to see you soon!