Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jumping Genres, Lengthy Fantasy Series, and New Begins...

Well, hello everybody!!

I'm very sorry it's been so long.  Things have been busy in my personal and professional life and, to be honest, after missing a month of writing on this blog, it became very easy to miss two more.

At any rate, a good bit has happened regarding my writing "career."  First, the third book in my Riddle in Stone series (BLOOD IN SNOW) is being edited and should be released sometime around March.  Fingers crossed.  To be honest, it's my favorite.  I really love this one!

Unfortunately, BLOOD IN SNOW will probably be the last of the Riddle in Stone books.  I was actually writing a fourth book...a story about Kravel and the goblins...but my publisher, Diversion Books, isn't interested in publishing any more of the series. 

From what I understand, trilogies sell well; however, once you get more than three or four books, readership tends to fall off.  Few people want to commit so much time to finding out "what happens." 

I can actually dig that.  Whenever I see a book in long series, I am reluctant to read it because I don't want to get two or three books in only to realize there are another ten books that I have to read before I get to the conclusion. 

Still, it's a bit sad that Edmund, Pond, Abby, and Becky won't live on.  I've really enjoyed creating them. Some people have encouraged me to write KRAVEL and to self-publish it...which I may do at some point. But for now, I'd like to keep going down the publishing route.  This leads me to what to write about next.

If you recall, I was going to write a farce about higher education. Being a university professor, I certainly have plenty of material. However, my agent doesn't believe that would be a wise move. After all, most of you read my book because you're interested in fantasy.  You probably wouldn't read my books if they were in a different genre.   So my agent is encouraging me to write a new fantasy series.

The problem with writing a new fantasy series is that it is very difficult to develop a set of characters and storyline that aren't cliché.  I keep writing down brilliant (BRILLIANT!) ideas for the new book only to realize... Wait! So-and-so basically did that!  Which puts me back to square one.

*Sigh* It seems every main character in fantasy is a "deadly assassin," or the "lovable orphan", or the "misunderstood troublemaker," or the "unlikely hero-type." 

I have started writing something new, but I'm the first to admit that it isn't terribly original.  I think my best bet is to give a new spin on the old standards...lovable troublemaker becomes a deadly assassin and turns into an unlikely hero.

At any rate, that's what's happening with me.  I hope all of you are well and keeping warm (it's freezing here in northern Ohio)!

I'll try to write more as things progress.  If you have time, please help spread the word about Riddle in Stone!  Reviews and posts are always welcome.

Until next time! Thanks for supporting indie writers:)