Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This ISN'T the End!

Hey everybody!  Sorry for the long absence.  I wish I had a good excuse, but I honestly don’t have one other than being really busy.  Now that I have a few minutes in between classes, I thought I’d say hello.


Also, I wanted to let you all know I’m planning on continuing my Riddle in Stone series.  Hopefully, that’ll make some of you happy!

As of now, the third book, Blood in Snow, is the last Diversion will publish.  They have said series with more than three books usually don’t sell well and they don’t want to commit to another installment of Riddle in Stone.

I suppose I can understand that.  Whenever I see a story on the shelf that’s the first out of five or six or ten books, I tend to lose interest.  I mean, who wants to invest that kind of time before reaching the conclusion???  Am I right?

Still, I miss Edmund, Becky, and their friends.  I really miss Kravel.  I keep hearing him chattering away in the back of my mind demanding, ever so politely, that I write a book about him.

So this is what I plan on doing… 

I think I’m going to do at least two more Riddle books—one about Kravel and the other about Edmund (maybe a third about Abby)—and I’ll just self-publish them.  Or maybe I’ll put them online for free or have them available for donations to my local Humane Society. 

I realize they won’t be best sellers. Maybe nobody will read them at all. I just want to write for my own enjoyment and because I feel compelled to do so.  Know what I mean??

At any rate, I’ve been working on a manuscript about Kravel that picks up moments after Blood in Snow ended…however, from Kravel’s perspective.  It’s been a bit challenging.  But the story is slowly emerging.  Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy it someday.

I’m also working on a new series, tentatively titled Quests of the Kings.  The first draft is finished. Now I just have to let it sit for a while before editing it.

So that’s it!  Sorry again for the long delay.  I’ll try to make more of an effort to write regularly.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement.  Please keep spreading the word about Riddle.  Perhaps if it sells well, Diversion will beg me to keep writing about Edmund!

Until next time…



  1. Hello, Robert.

    Glad to hear you're still writing.

    When it comes to the books you're thinking of self-publishing . . . if you cannot decide whether to give them away for free or not, maybe do both. Put them up on Wattpad and say if people want to support you financially, they can buy your books at such and such.

    Not sure if it'd work, but it's a solution at least. Especially if you do decide to give your work away for free. You stand a chance of at least earning some money which you wouldn't if you gave them away.

    1. Hey, thanks for the tip David. How's your writing going?

      As of now, I might as well give the books away. I mean, I wouldn't make a great deal either way. Still, I like the idea of having the money go directly to the Humane Society or something. Then at least I'd feel I was doing something useful. You know?

    2. Hey, Robert.

      Writing's sort of took a backseat for me. More or less taking a break to get my head sorted, but I'll probably dive in again over the next month or two. Honestly, tempted to start afresh with a pen name. I got way too caught up in wanting everything to be perfect. I just want to write, you know? Not meaning I'd publish works full of typos by any means as I have too much respect for readers, but I don't want to worry about the story not being perfect as there's no such thing anyway or having plenty of substance (meaning just write for enjoyment without worrying about giving people stuff to think about). I feel creating a pen name would allow me to get away from that and relax.

      Anyhow, I understand what you mean. You could make it so readers could donate via Paypal or something similar? Maybe setup a button on your blog for people to donate. Not good with technology here however, and it may just be easier to set aside your Amazon earnings if you go that route.

      Regardless, best of luck with everything.

    3. Yeah, I'm not good with technology either. I don't know. I suppose if we think about all of this as just a hobby, there's far less pressure for us to "succeed." Writing for fun, rather than profit and all that.

  2. I love the series Riddle in Stone. I have enjoyed it even more than the Terry Brooks series. I hope that you will continue until the end.

    1. Well, thanks Brita!!!! Please spread the word! Tell your Goodread, facebook, G+, imaginary, real friends! Every post and review really does count. And books like mine only sell by word of mouth so... if you could talk the book up, I'd appreciate it!!!

      What do you think about a story from Kravel's perspective? Would it be of interest? Or would you simply want him to die?

  3. I have extremely enjoyed reading the Riddle in Stone series. To have a everyday character become someone so important is enlightening. To discover with all the characters their skills, moral conflicts and life purpose is riveting. I hope and ask please continue until the end. I am a dog lover and need to know the bond of Thorax and Becky to Edmund. I fear that I have become more addicted to this series than the Terry Brooks series.

    1. :) Let's hope other people will feel the same way:) And thanks!!! You've made my day!

  4. As much as I would enjoy getting more Riddle in Stone books (and for free), I feel that you should self-publish and charge, even if it is something as small as $0.99 or $1.99 for the e-book. You've already made me grow attached to the world and the characters, and I love to support my fellow authors. I'm sure other readers feel the same. Yes, we all love free things, but if paying a little bit of money helps to support an author we follow, then it is completely worth it.

    Either way, I am excitedly awaiting more Robert Evert books.

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. Also, I tend to see free books as being, I don't know, "cheap" or not worth it. But if I pay $1, I end up feeling I got a bargain. I don't know if that makes sense. We'll see. I have to get back to writing!